Business productivity can be improved by having a managed network system where business resources are managed and shared efficiently. To achieve that goal, ASAP Network Integration service will provide a thorough review of the business need and develop a solution that is suitable and expandable for future needs. Our team of network professionals is certified by Microsoft, Novell, and Cisco to perform network integration for most business needs.

Business need fact-finding
ASAP network professionals will perform a site evaluation and conduct a series of interviews to determine business needs. The goal is to obtain a full understanding of the nature of the particular business IT needs.

Business management and users requirements determination
A series of questionnaires focusing on your business need will be asked of computer users. The purpose of this is to determine the

management and security design of the network for users to assess company resources.

Proposed Network Integration solution
After the preceding two procedures have been performed, our professionals will return to the drawing board where a blueprint of network solution and integration procedures can be developed. All hardware, software, and accessories necessary to construct a new business network, or upgrade from existing equipment will be included in the solution.


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